About Me

I work at the Child Mind Institute., a non-profit devoted to advancing the pace of discovery in child and adolescent mental health. I focus on understanding how to use advanced statistical algorithms to help us better understand the brain’s corticostriatal circuits, which are responsible for skill and habit learning.

Most of my work lies at the interface of psychology, education, neuroscience, and statistics. My CV

Scientific Contributions

I’ve published articles on a range of topics mostly focusing on the use of neuroimaging and machine learning to discover novel and reliable brain-behavior associations. To that end, I’m very interested in skill learning, psychopathology, corticostriatal circuits, and scientific reproducibility.

Software Development

I’ve developed an open source python package, called PyBASC, to help create more reproducible parcellations in fMRI data. This enables us to make better maps of the brain that are more generalizable within-groups over time, and between groups.

Scientific Community Outreach

Recently, I’ve become the Chair-Elect for the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Open Sciencce Special Interest Group.. We are focused on hosting key events that support open science for the OHBM community, including the [OHBM BrainHack] (https://ohbm.github.io/hackathon2018/) and the OHBM Open Science Room.

I’ve also been fortunate to work in the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Student and Postdoc Special Interest Group over the past two years. We’ve been focused on an array of efforts to support graduate students and postdocs in their careers by providing access to mentorship, skills training, and career advice. I’ve spearheaded an effort to bring more concerted training to young professionals in a range of issues around the #MeToo movement. Specifically we’ve provided training on a range of issues including strategies to resolve conflict in situations of lower power, consent, micro-aggressions in the worklace, and how to handle unwanted sexualization in the workplace. #MeToo Workshops.